Unless stipulated otherwise in writing, every current and future agreement shall be
governed by these terms and conditions, which shall constitute an integral part
thereof, and shall take priority as of right over the customer’s terms and conditions
of purchase. A departure from or change to these terms and conditions may be
relied upon against only if we have given our consent thereto in writing.

The order form and the current general terms and conditions shall constitute the
contractual document. The agreement shall enter into force at the time when the
customer confirms the order for agreement in writing (signature or confirmation by
e-mail). The written confirmation of the order by the customer shall entail that the
latter agrees with the full text of the order form of which he is cognisant, including
these general terms and conditions.
If it should appear that one or more clauses may not be invoked fully or partially
against the customer, the other provisions of the agreement shall remain in force.
Premiers BVBA reserves the right to refuse an order without having to give
In confirming the order in writing, the customer undertakes definitively and
irrevocably to purchase the ordered goods.
Full or partial cancellation of the order by the customer shall not be possible,
irrespective of whether an advance was paid, and shall be irrevocably
accompanied by the payment of compensation of 50% of the cancelled amount.

The prices are those mentioned in the order form, unless stipulated otherwise.
Premiers BVBA reserves expressly the right to adjust the prices at all times if
required to do so by economic circumstances, such as an exceptional increase of
the variable costs (including, but not limited to: raw materials, wages, energy, etc.) or
in the event of force majeure.
All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT unless agreed expressly otherwise.

The indicated delivery times are provided for information only. They shall be met as
much as possible. The overrun of these delivery times may not however lead to
the cancellation of the agreement, refusal of the goods and/or to any
compensation payable to the customer.
The goods shall be delivered and accepted, or deemed to be accepted, at the time
of delivery.
The delivery costs shall be borne by the customer.

The customer must check the goods immediately at the time of delivery. No
complaint nor visible defects, missing goods or non-compliant delivery may be
lodged after the delivery as stipulated in Article 4. Complaints shall, on pain of
forfeiture, be lodged with Premiers BVBA and reasoned within three days after the
Differences in colour differences or shade between the illustrations or samples and
the delivered goods are unavoidable and may thus not constitute any grounds for
refusing the delivery.

Invoices shall be payable at our registered office, in cash and without discount.
An advance of 30% shall be payable upon ordering the goods, unless agreed
otherwise. This advance shall not be reimbursable. The balance shall be invoiced on
In the event of total or partial non-payment on the due date, open invoices shall, as
of right and without prior notice, accrue interest calculated at the Belgian legal
interest rate plus 2%, with a minimum interest rate of 12%, and the outstanding
balance shall, after service of notice to no effect, be increased by 12% of the invoiced
sum, with a minimum of €125.00 and a maximum of €2,500.00, even when an
extension of time of payment has been granted.
Partial payments shall always be accepted under all reservations and without any
prejudice, and shall be allocated in order of priority to cover any legal costs incurred,
then interest due, then damages and finally the principal. Non-payment of a single
invoice on the due date shall make the balance of all other invoices, including those
not due, payable immediately as of right.
In case of non-payment or if Premiers BVBV should become cognisant of
indications that the customer has lost his creditworthiness, we may suspend the
performance of every agreement, and require payment of all outstanding sums,
including those not yet due.

The delivered goods shall remain the property of Premiers BVBA entirely until
payment in full is made, even when a payment extension has been granted.
Premiers BVBA may dispose thereof up to that time freely and without prejudice.
The aforementioned retention of title shall not hamper the transfer of the risk of
loss, theft or damage of the goods to the customer as of the time that the goods
are delivered, including of the delivery itself, which shall be carried out at the
customer’s risk. The customer must take out insurance to cover these risks as of

Unless agreed otherwise in writing, all intellectual and industrial property rights to
the goods shall remain the exclusive property of Premiers BVBA. The invoicing to
and payment thereof by the customer shall apply only as remuneration for the
delivered goods and may under no circumstances be considered as remuneration
for the transfer of rights to drawings and models, trademarks and patents.
The transfer of such rights may be carried out only by concluding an additional
agreement in writing that provides specifically and expressly for such a transfer.

In the event of a dispute, only Ghent commercial Court, Ostend department shall
be competent, unless we elect the competent courts pursuant to Article 624 of the
Code of Judicial Procedure. Belgian law shall apply. Belgian ordinary law shall apply
for all aspects that are not explicitly regulated.